Advance Driver Assist System

What is ADAS?

ADAS is the acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance System and is comprised of an interconnected group of electronic technologies built into modern cars that can provide a variety of driving and parking functions to increase driving and parking safety.

These systems include but not limited to:

• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Blind Spot Monitors
• Anti-Lock Braking Systems
• Navigation Systems
• Backup Cameras
• Collision Avoidance System
• Forward Collision Warning
• Automatic Parking

When is calibration necessary?

There are many things that can cause an Advanced Driver Assistance System to be thrown out of alignment and require calibration. Standard services such as windshield or bumper replacement are a common reason to make sure your system is calibrated properly. The ADAS system can also be thrown off from being involved in a collision, having to get body repairs done to a vehicle in areas that sensors are placed, getting a vehicle painted, or even by replacing various parts on a vehicle that require moving an area that is close to sensors and cameras. For example, when replacing the air conditioning compressor on some vehicles you are required to remove the bumper which can contain a sensor used for the Advanced Driver Assistance System. Whenever any of these procedures are performed it is important to make sure that the advanced driver assistance system is properly calibrated afterwards.

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