Advance Driver Assist System (A.D.A.S)

Advanced Driver-Assistance systems (A.D.A.S)

What is A.D.A.S & How does ADAS work?‚Äč

Advance Driver Assist System is like a smart network of electronics inside new cars. These electronics make driving and parking safer and easier.

This system has many features, like:

  1. Smart Cruise Control
  2. Blind Spot Monitors
  3. Anti-Lock Brakes
  4. GPS Navigation
  5. Backup Cameras
  6. Collision Avoidance
  7. Warning for Front Collisions
  8. Automatic Parking

All these things work together to give drivers a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

When is assessment necessary?

Many things can make the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) not work correctly, and we have to fix it.

We need to fix ADAS when a car’s sensors get hurt or broken.

For example, if the car’s front window gets a crack, we have to fix ADAS for the display and rain sensors.

Also, if the car gets hit from the side, we have to fix ADAS for the mirrors and lane departure warnings.

Advance Driver-Assist System

Many times, after a car accident, we need to adjust the Advanced Driver Assistance System.

This adjustment is really important when fixing the outside of the car near the sensors or cameras.

These high-tech systems also help stop people from getting hurt in accidents. They cut down about 60% of all injuries from traffic accidents.

But remember, most accidents happen because of mistakes people make while driving.


When we talk about keeping cars safe, most people think of things like seat belts, airbags, and the strong metal shell of a car. These are really important because they help protect you if there’s a car crash. We call them “passive” safety features because they only kick in after an accident happens.

But there’s something else to think about. Sometimes, when we do things like paint a car or change parts like the air conditioner, windshield, or bumper, it can mess with something called the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It’s like the brain of the car that helps with safety while you’re driving.

Don’t worry, though! Our expert team will carefully check everything to make sure it’s working just right after any changes are made to your car.

Advance Driver Assist System

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